Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some super exciting news!!!!

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been paying more attention to my YouTube channel and Facebook lately. My love is definitely in my videos :o)

Speaking of videos... I will be doing a lot more, even though I am up to 214 currently on my channel babytweetums. My future videos are going to revolve around Stampin! Up products due to the fact that I became a Demonstrator on Friday October 25th! But, don't worry, they will not all be Stampin Up videos since I do love my other products still :o) I am so excited about all of this and since it is all so new I am still learning. Good news is... my store site is up and running so click here Schell Fabian to go on over and take advantage of the 25% off of 25 stamps sale going on through October 28th, only two more  days! Another good thing is that I have a Facebook fan/business page and that is located here Stampin Up with Schell, I would love for you all to go over and hit LIKE :o) Not much up due to I haven't received my starter kit just yet but, in no time I will have tons of stuff to share! I will also be creating some clubs and groups on my regular Facebook page here Schell Fabian - Schells Craft Corner so come friend me or follow me to see what's going on! I shall be back real soon!

Big Hugs!