Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disney World 2011

Hello blogger friends! We are back from our fantastic 6 day vacation at Disney World! I spent the last 9 hours doing laundry from our trip, yuck! That's a lot of laundry...6 people times 6 days plus swim wear and night clothes! I also spent the in between loads time catching up on some YT videos. I managed to get a few short videos of Caleb so I thought I would share. Maverick got some longer videos but to every one besides us they will probably be boring :0). Here is one Maverick shot when Caleb took Jeremy for a spin around the track...

This one I got when we were hanging out at the pool. They have games every night and this was just a dance session that Caleb joined in on, too cute...

I hope you all have a terrific weekend! Hugs!!!!


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! Adorable videos :) So glad you guys had a good time! Nine hours of laundry? Wow! Glad that's over too :)

  2. So happy you guys had an awesome time.
    Caleb sure has some moves there ;)
    9 hours of laundry, does not sound fun.
    Missed you Schell