Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So... I haven't been in my craft room lately but, I have been creative :0) Caleb loves Legos and has a bunch of them. Well, anyone with little boys, knows that they never stay together very long. After about two weeks, not working on them every day, we are coming to the end of completing the building process, Yay! Here is a peak at the table

He has several sets that have some missing pieces that we think got mixed up with some of Dallas's so we will go through those soon. Here are some closer shots of the Police station and Garage

Hope you all have had a creative week! Hugs!


  1. Please tell Caleb that I am so impressed with the dedication it took to assembly these masterpieces.

  2. Wow! That's impressive! I use to babysit a little boy that loved Legos and I loved playing with them as much as he did!

  3. This is so cool.
    Good Job Caleb!!!
    I love playing with Legos.
    We bought the girls (when they were younger) a huge castle. Ended up Wayne totally took over, the girls left and he made the whole thing on his own. Ya he is still a kid at heart.