Monday, July 2, 2012

Update on Ty :o)

So...after seeing the Ortho Doctor at Children's Hospital today, Ty is on a good road to recovery. There are 3 bones in each of your fingers, minus your thumb- only 2. He broke the middle bone in his pinky near the knuckle but not so severe that he would need a cast, YAY!!!! We are getting by with a removable brace for the next three weeks and then he should be perfectly good and healed. This was a much better decision than putting on a cast, now he can still go swimming versus not being able to get a cast wet. We were really excited about this :o) Brace during the day and while outside playing and at night we just have to "buddy tape" his pinky and ring finger together while sleeping. Not a bad gig! Here is look at his brace while he was telling my Mom all the details on the phone :o)

Keep your fingers crossed that this is it, I still have seven weeks left of Summer Break :o)



  1. How in the world do you break the middle bone and not the other two? Awesome though, right! Great news :)

  2. Ty looks almost proud of his injuries. keep sane!!! Hugs Mary xox

  3. Summer BREAK is exactly what you are going through.
    Tell the boys its called Summer Holidays from now on, teehee.