Saturday, November 3, 2012

AW Post... Thanks!

 Hello every one!

I am posting for the Action Wobble Team today, yay!
I have a Turkey card for you and how cute is this little guy sitting on his wobble...? Super cool! I love these things, they are so much fun :o)

Here is what they look like and how to use them...
The side that is on the right is the one that will go on your image or cutout and the side on the left will go on the base of your project, that's it! Super easy :o)

Here is my card...

In Action...

Now... you can purchase these in a couple of different places :o)
One is here at the official World of Wobble site
And the other is here at the Royal Castle Shoppe

Go on over and get some, they are sooooo fun!



  1. So cute. Love the turkey wobble. I really like how you do the inside of your cards.

    Linda ☺

  2. Super Easy,Super Cute & Super Cool!

  3. I love the wobble guys! Your card is too cute, the wobbling is so perfect for the turkey!!