Monday, January 14, 2013

My password book :o)


So.... after some time, I made a password book for myself. I guess I just finally got tired of pulling the sheet of paper with all of my usernames and passwords on it out :o) The last couple of days I have struggled with creative mojo so decided I was going to jump in and re-organize my room. It needed a good cleaning anyway. Once I was done I sat down and started making my book. I love it!

Here it is...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :o)


  1. Obviously your mojo is back...Because this is Amazingly SWEET!

  2. It's perfect Schell, and so YOU!! :)

  3. This is so cute...and as a new follower I am thinking you are a Tinkerbelle fan, so a perfect project for you. :) I love the password book idea...have seen it in a few different places...need to get motivated to make my own.

    Rhonda :)