Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hi Everyone,
Happy St Patrick's Day!

It seems  like forever since I have posted anything here. I was busy working on a series of videos for a tutorial called Homemade Smash Book Series. You can see the series on my YouTube channel HERE. Then I had a terrible incident when trying to upload the last video of the series... my laptop DIED! Completely dead, no recovery at all. I lost a lot of important family moments and videos so that was a little rough to deal with.

Well, I have a new laptop BUT, it has been kind of a pain to learn. It has the new windows 8 and so far I am not a big fan of this. Not very easy to learn so I am still working on it. So that being said, you won't see any project photos for a little while due to losing my watermark in the old laptop, yeah I know, I should have had  a copy of it somewhere :o)  Now I have to learn how to make one all over again. My program I used before is not compatible with the new version of windows  so I have to learn a new one, which is not going well :o(

Some good news is... Jeremy, awesome hubby!... bought me a 1TB external hard drive for back up this time. YAY!!!!! This has been something to have to learn also. Not the drive itself, I just plug it in and open it, but, remembering to save everything twice, once in the computer and then moving it over for safe keeping :o) I haven't been too bad at remembering this after thinking about what I lost  the first time so I have been really good :o)

Here are some cream cheese spritz cookies I made for the boys for  St Patrick's Day this year. They are super yummy!

These look like they are from two different stencils but, they are not. We had some issues with the cookie not sticking to the pan so when Ty was pressing he just pressed twice and it made them a little bigger :o)

I hope you all had a terrific weekend and I will be back soon, hopefully, with some project shares. In the mean time, I am still doing videos so come on over and check them out on my YouTube channel Babytweetums.



  1. Oh my goodness Schell I feel so bad that you lost so many special photos.
    Wayne bought me an external hard drive last summer and I have a year + of photos to upload to it. Why am I such a procrastinator!
    Loved your smash book shares :)

  2. Just want to say thank you for posting the homemade smash book series! I finished the one for my grandson and he LOVES it. I posted pictures on my blog if you would like to see them. I see a lot more smash book type projects in my future. I really liked your address book and recipe book you recently posted too.

    Linda ☺
    Crafting With Nana