Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cricut cartridge overload...

Well...I thought I was only getting my Tinkerbell and friends cartridge until my mom went on a cricut cartridge rampage. This is what came today, Oh My Gosh! Talk about cricut heaven! She told me these should hold me over for a while, huh, more like forever. If I never get another one I'd say I'm in good shape with all of these plus what I have previously. I want to share the website that these were purchased at. Some start at $10.99 and they have some Disney ones for $16.99. Incredible prices and good service so far. The place is called Memory Miser. Go check them out! Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Your mom really does ROCK.
    This is so sweet of her. Have fun.

  2. That is awesome! You're one lucky girl with a mom that ROCKS!!