Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caleb's Paper Dolls...

Caleb wanted to make some Paper Dolls after seeing the little Police Man I did on Mike's card. He chose these three for now. A Fire Fighter, Police Man and Construction Worker. I'm sure he will be making more as these are my favorite to do also. Aren't they just too cute?


  1. Ok Seriously Caleb made these. Now I look real bad, teehee.
    I have to go and show my cricut who's boss. Coule Caleb come and teach me? :)

    Oh ya, having a give away on my YouTube, if you haven't checked it out yet. Good luck :)

  2. This is too freaking cute! Something about it makes me want to bust into YMCA... I left you a blog award, over on my blog!!! Come check it out. It would be great if you accepted, but don't feel like you have too! :)

  3. Schell,
    Sweet job Caleb. How cool a young artist in the making. I love that.
    You could attach these to magnet sheets and use them for the fridge. My mom did that for my paper dolls.
    have a wonderful week

  4. blog award on my blog if ya want it that is great, if not I understand. Just wanted you to know I appreciate the comments, and encouragement.