Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Coloring :0)

So... I have been trying out my new Bic markers lately and I really like them. I do wish, like Tracy says that their was a flesh color. In these pictures the image on the left is done with colored pencils and the one on the right is done with the Bic markers. I tried to stay as close in color as I could. I do think I will be investing in some Stampin' Up markers after seeing Tracy's images. I like the way they look :0) Hope every one had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You have done a great job with the coloring! I have been building up my copic markers thru a club I am in. SO love my Copics! I am a new follower, sent by the fabulous Momo! I love your blog, I am so glad Momo is doing this! I am following a ton of awesome blogs now! Would be so blessed if you would stop by my blog at

  2. These look really cute with those markers. I got my copics by dumb luck when a local Dick Blick went out of business they were around 75% off so that was crazy, if not I would've purchased the ones you have. ~Kelly (Walkelmol)

  3. Oh my goodness Schell, these are perfect!!
    I was thinking, that Stampn' Up sells their flesh coloured marker seperately. So if you want to stick to your bics, not only to save money, but you rock at them. You could just get the flesh coloured marker. Or maybe get a couple of copics flesh colours.
    You have a lot of Bic colours, so you are not short on colours. I can't get the packs here like you have.

  4. Schell, these images look amazing!!!! I love the first one with the bathtub. Too cute! Between you and Tracy, I might have to get some more images that I can color. Ha ha. After I reach my goal of course! ;)

  5. Cute coloring! If you want the SU! marker, you could order from me if you don't already have a demo :). No pressure at all, but my site is