Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Julia!

So today is my neighbors/friends daughters 8th birthday :0) This little cutie saved her money and bought a Cricut Expression after spending a day over here with me on my Create. I decided to make her a cover and I really like the way it turned out. She shares my love for Tinkerbell so we will have similar covers since my mom bought enough material for us. Here is a picture...

And here is a closer look at the flower on the front, the lighting sort of changed the color a bit.



  1. Schell, this was SO sweet of you to make her a cover and how sweet is she that she saved her money up to buy a Cricut? Love that! The cover turned out great, love the flower :) Have an awesome weekend!!

  2. How sweet of you to make this cover for her.
    Must be fun to teach her your craft. What a dedicated crafter she is for saving her money.
    Happy Birthday Julia, you and my sister share such a beautiful name.