Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas mini's

So I forced myself to get some projects done and it felt great. I recently made a mini done by Kathy Orta on YT. It is a matchbook style mini and super cute! You can find the video here. There are two parts to this tutorial and it is so cool and easy. Well, I like to miniature things for more production as little gifts so I did :0) Mine is made with envelopes and I love them. I have made 6 so far and 1 of the bigger ones the way Kathy did. I had planned on getting a tutorial done for mine but have not yet got around to it. After my surgery next week and Christmas I think I will get one done since these can be for any occasion. Hope you all like them and have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Thanks for sharing your minis. It does help to keep busy and be free for a while.

  2. Schell, I'm so glad you were able to finish these up. So many people say crafting can be therapeutic. I hope that's your experience. These mini's are SO adorable! I just love them!!!!

  3. Oh these are so have been busy :)
    I have seen a few of these around the web, they do look fun :)
    So glad you are being creative, it helps put your mind in a different place.