Monday, May 7, 2012

New Markers :o) many of you know from me stating before, Copic markers are not in my budget. Probably never will be and that is okay. I am jealous of those who do have them and I think it's fabulous! Well, I found a marker that will suit my copic needs just perfectly without breaking the bank :o) This company makes several different types of markers and I decided to try the alcohol ones... I Love Them!

My mom ordered these markers for me online. The sets I got were on Amazon for $10.76 each, containing 6 markers. Super fast shipping! I still need a few more, hee hee and then the rest of the colors I will have to get separately on the Marvy Uchida website. In total there are 141 colors plus a white, gold and silver. As you can see from the coloring above, I am trying to learn how to use them and it's fun. Staying in the lines is a bit challenging as these are nothing like my Bic's. They have a soft brush nib, I really like it, I just have to get used to it. And I need a lot more colors to work with or all of my images are going to be the same. This post is for anyone who may want to try these out as an alternative to copics if you are on a low budget like me :o) If you do try these, or have used them before, let me know what you think.

Have a super week!


  1. WOW, those flowers look awesome! How big of a learning curve is there?

  2. I love that those markers are so much more affordable than Copics! They flowers are beautiful!!

  3. This is great Schell.
    I haven't used these yet. I really like the soft colours they give.
    You can use this with your sharpies or bics as well.

  4. You know I just saw these the other day at Hobby Lobby and was wondering how the compared to Copics. I haven't dabbled in coloring yet. It just seems like it would be kinda hard to do. TFS!!

  5. They have a lovely colour--soft and dreamy. Getting the gold, silver and white would be wonderful. Good for you taking the plunge and perfecting your technique. Hugs Mary xox