Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy weekend :0)

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend, Happy Monday! As some of you may know, my scraproom was located in the basement. Well...I really don't like it down there so two of my wonderful boys, Thank you Ty and Caleb!!!!, decided to bunk in the same room (don't worry, it's a huge room :0) ) so I could have the small room upstairs. Jeremy even came home from work on Sunday with paint, pistachio ice-cream wall turned into four. I am so excited! I'll be even more excited when the new paint smell leaves, I get really bad migraines so I have to stay out until the smell is gone. Last night we got all of the furniture in except my big standing cabinet. That has to stay in the basement since it is anchored to the wall and my new room is kind of small. I love it though. I took some pictures even though I am not done. I don't have anything on the walls yet but I wanted to show you all anyway. Hope you all have an awesome week! Hugs!!!!

 This is my work table. The bright light on the left is from the window :0)
 This is my counter that Caleb works at, still putting things away. Have to hang my Making Memories wall shelf up still.
 This is one of my cubes. I have them side by side in the closet now.
 This is the other cube unit in the closet.
My Allie's little bed. Need to make her a Tinkerbell blanket to match room now :0)


  1. Awesome! So sweet of your boys to bunk together so you could have a room upstairs! I'm in the basement right now and will have to wait until Abie goes off to college to get real estate on the second floor! :) Love the color too!

  2. I am so jealous. A room upstairs, with windows and not cold....Oh I am soooo jealous.

    Your boys are so sweet, and smart. They know when mommy is happy everyone is happy, teehee.

  3. I wish my craft space was as neat as yours!~ I have a blog award for you. Please visit me to receive it!!