Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Ty!

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Another One!

I have another post today for one of my sons :o) Ty is turning 12 years old at 2:25 this afternoon! He came in to this world weighing only 4 lb 7 oz and was a whole 18 in long :o) His story is a little different as he had to fight to be here. Some pregnancy complications caused him to stop growing at a certain point but, that hasn't stopped him from being a feisty one! He is still a little on the small side and a wonderful kid! Here he is :o)

From this...

To this...

He definitely won his battle to get here and struggles from time to time, as he always will, but you would never know that he wasn't just a normal regular kid. And yes, those are earrings :o) I pierced his ears at age 6 when he asked me to and they look great, I think anyway!

Happy Birthday Ty Guy!
Love, mom!



  1. Love how strong kids can be--they need to be feisty. Happy birthday TY!!!!!! My grandson Tyler is 16 today.

  2. Happy Birthday Ty, I hope you had a great day and a special birthday :)