Friday, October 12, 2012

Password books

Hi there!

So my mom asked me if I could make her a password book for her websites and internet use :o) Of course I will! I remembered seeing Robin at Injoy Stampin make some a while ago. I found the video I was looking for and you can see it here. I have made several and plan on making more as my mom wants to give some to her friends :o) Mine are not the same size as Robin's but they are super cute! She gave me the general idea and I took it from there :o) If you would like to see a tutorial on these just let me know! I used some chipboard, pattern paper, pages printed off my computer and my bind-it-all :o)

Here they are...

I made this one for my mom to match the notebook I previously made for her

These are the inside pages

My sister's

And the boys wanted one after seeing them... This is for Dallas

What Caleb is going to do with this I don't know but he wanted one anyway :o)

Ty's... he loves skating!

Have a fabulous day!



  1. I remember when Robin made hers. Love how you have adapted the idea. Like them all as each is different. Hugs Mary xox

  2. Your password journals turned out beautifully...well I guess the boys don't want to hear that, so theirs are very masculine ;)
    I made one as well.
    Have it posted on my blog and YouTube channel :)

  3. Hi... This is Kathi Carlozzi and I am a good friend of Sheree's. I have been trying and trying to make one of these and I cannot get the inside pages to work. I do not know how to cut them and I have an order for five of these. Can you help? I know you have a video which I will watch, but I wondered if you had any tips. thanks.