Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogger Trouble

So... I can visit everyone's blogs again finally but, now I can't leave any comments. There is no box to type in. Every now and then one will show up. I'm not sure if it's me or blogger. If anyone else has had this happen please let me know what I can do to fix it :0) Not sure why it is all whacked out lately. Thanks, Hugs!


  1. Oh no! I haven't had this problem recently, but I had some problems in the past and I can't remember what I did to fix it. Maybe installed Firefox on my computer used that instead of Internet Explorer? Ack! Miss you!

  2. One of my followers emailed me saying that she was having trouble leaving comments and I was having the same problem with some blogs, but not all. So I think it's something going around. Kinda like a bad cold. LOL Hope you are doing ok. You and your family have been in my prayers.
    God Bless