Monday, January 2, 2012

A new shelf...

I was looking around for a specific kind of shelving unit I wanted for my table so I would have more of what I use close at hand. I saw some similar ideas but, the costs were ridiculous so... Jeremy and I went to Lowe's and I purchased the supplies to make my own. We got home and Jeremy did some measuring and then went to the garage to get to work, I think he did a pretty good job :0) It measures 4ft wide, 20in tall and 8in deep.  Needs some paint when it's nice out and we are good to go. I love it! Here it is :0)



  1. Schell, that shelf is so awesome! I love it when our husbands, or even we, can make something instead of buying it! That is perfect for your desk!

  2. I love that and I need some additional shelfs and know that I'm going to have to go up enstead of out, so this would be perfect for me too. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless

  3. This is an awesome work/storage area :)
    Jeremy did an awesome job, everything fits so perfectly :)