Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Class Valentine cards

The last few years I have been making the cards for Ty and Caleb to hand out at school. This year I wanted them to make them instead and they really liked this idea. It is Ty's last year to do this as he will be in middle school this August. Caleb still has 3 more Valentine's to go :0) I thought I would share some of the process. We did these last night so the lighting isn't that great and some of the photos turned out a little blurry. Not sure if it was me or the camera, I have re occurring vertigo and an episode hit yesterday so the boys played hooky from school since I couldn't drive :0)

Here is my sample for them...
These little cards are only 3x3 and oh so cute!

Now we begin :0)


They had a lot of fun doing these and it was fun for me to watch :0)
The only thing I did was pre-cut and score, the rest was up to them.
The paper we used was purchased at Target in the $ spot and the stamps are
from Michael's $ spot. Everything else we had here.

This is the final outcome of some of the cards...

I still can't leave any comments for you all so just know that I am looking almost everyday at your blogs anyway :0)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. These turned out SO cute! And how adorable are the boys? Love it!

  2. What a great idea! I'm sure the boys loved making them and those receiving them will love them! Hope you feel better soon :) I hate having vertigo!


  3. Wonderful for kids to be creative. There is no wrong way. The valentines are awesome. Take good care of yourself!!!

  4. They are beautiful (the boys too, oops sorry handsome!) and they look like they were fun to make! Great idea and maybe it's something they'll enjoy doing with their kids one day!

  5. Your boys are so cute. Good for them, they did an excellent job :)
    As for your vertigo, I get it as well. But my daughter gets it for days.
    Take care...and yes stay off the roads.