Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Homemade Baker's Twine

From this...

To this...

I was browsing the internet today and I came across a video on how to make your own Baker's Twine. Very cool! This is how mine turned out. Some lines are wider than others but, oh well :0) I used Bic mark it markers for mine but, you can use whatever permanent markers you have on hand. Here is how I did it...

 I cut two pieces of a cereal box the same width as my Tim Holtz ruler and taped then back to back withe my ATG adhesive. I then lined it with masking tape all the way around. In the original video she just used a ruler with masking tape but, I don't have an extra one :0) Then I wrapped the crochet thread around but, not overlapping. This can be as long as you want, mine are about 34-35 inches.
 Then you take your marker and draw lines. Some colors bleed more than others so start small. Push down so the color will go through to the other side of the thread. I did one diagonally to look more like the original twine, the red one above. However you choose they both look good.
After letting it dry for a minute you unwind and here you have it! Pretty cool huh?

Give it a try! Any questions just let me know. I hope to do a video soon to show the whole process :0)


  1. ACK! Schell this is fantastic! That's crochet thread? Do you just find it at Joanns or Michaels in the crochet/knitting area? I'm so excited to try this!!!! You're a genius! :)

  2. I too have seen this on YouTube, but have yet to try it.
    Love your colours you did yours in.
    I love this idea as you only make as much as you need so you don't have more supplies to store :)
    I have an award for you on my blog :)

  3. Been wanting to buy this, but I'm a stay-at-home mom and my daughter is a freshman @ Bama and trying to relieve pressure off hubby and not spend soooo much! Thanks for sharing this!!!