Friday, May 20, 2011

My last baby is 7 !

So...Caleb turned 7 years old this morning at 12:54 AM. I've never gone this long without having another so it feels pretty weird to me :0) I think having been blessed with all four of my boys is good enough for me though!
Today's agenda...

We are having a sock hop at school tonight, how perfect to land on his birthday. He is so excited, feeling extra special now :0)
Caleb wanted cupcakes for school this afternoon so here they are!

He picked the party hat from the doodlecharms cartridge and then picked out the colors. The back of the hats are blue.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!! Hugs!


  1. Happy Birthday Caleb! I hope you have a blast at the sock hop.
    The cupcakes turned out super cute!

  2. Happy birthday to Caleb! Hope the sock hop is fun!!! He probably thinks it was planned just for him ;) Your cupcakes look delicious and the party hat looks perfect on top, Caleb picked well! Doodlecharms is one of my favorite carts! Have a great birthday weekend :)

    I picked up some crochet thread, can't wait to try out your bakers twine tutorial!!

  3. Happy 7th Birthday Caleb :)
    Your cupcakes are not only beautiful, they look delish.
    Enjoy the sock hop :)