Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair sheet

So... I was online the other night looking for some cute digital stamp places and I came across this one, along with many others :0), that has some practice sheets you can download for hair, skin and eyes. I don't have any copic markers but, I thought I would get them to use for my Bic Mark It's. I love these sheets! I have completed the one for the boy hair and am working on the girl still. I want to share this place with you all so click here. They have some super cute digital stamp images also. The link will take you to the freebie page but, feel free to browse around. If you want to know any of the colors I used just ask and I will let you know. The last image is not done since I'm not sure what colors to use yet :0)

Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. You know I still haven't figured out the digi thing yet... It seems like it would too complicated. Maybe because the printer is on the second floor and my crafts are in the basement. That's whole lotta stairs! Ha!