Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2nd Update on Dallas

So we went to our follow up appointment from last week with the PA who did Dallas's cast. GREAT news! He is healing very well and got to take the full cast off and transition to a half :o) So exciting! He loves being able to use his elbow again! I think the guy who was putting the new cast on thought we were pretty entertaining. I was taking pictures of the process and we were asking a ton of questions. He just kept laughing so I said, "Can you tell this is our first break"? He answered, "Yeah" and laughed again. I think he will have this one for at least 4 weeks and then get his last one, it will be water proof :o) I am just thrilled he is healing so well!



  1. Great news :)
    Isn't it fun that they can pick their own colours of casts now :)

  2. Great that Dallas is taking it in stride. Hugs Mary

  3. That is AWESOME news and it sounds like the waterproof case will be on just in time for swimming!!