Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Dallas...

So some of you know that my 14 year old son Dallas broke his arm for the first time last Wednesday afternoon. He was riding his skateboard home and a rock stopped his wheel causing him to be thrown off the board. Landing the way he did on his arm, to stop himself from hitting his head on the ground, his forearm broke. He was a trooper I tell ya. No tears at all, just a lot of pain. After going to urgent care and getting a splint and sling for a few days, for the swelling to go down, we thought we were good to go. Had an appointment on Monday to get his cast put on around 10:15 in the morning. Well... after another set of x-rays they told us he couldn't get a cast because the way he broke it. It wasn't going to line up and heal properly so he needed to have a reduction. WHAT? They sent us to another hospital, Children's main hospital. Hours, lots of them, went by and I was getting a lot irritated. Just get it done and over with!  Basically they had to sedate him so they could re-break his arm, my poor guy! He did really well in the long run and doesn't remember much from the sedation, thank goodness! They unfortunately were very busy in the ED department that day. He happened to be one of three kids with a broken arm but, first in line to get fixed. Our total hours spent taking care of this were around 7, yeah, I was pretty exhausted and emotionally drained right along with him. He still has a long way to go to heal and two more casts to go through, he really did a doozie :o) Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he heals well and gets back out there :o)



  1. Poor Dallas and poor you!! I'm sure he will be back out there skating again in no time! :) Hugs! HL

  2. Oh my gosh Schell, re-break his arm? That is awful! Poor guy! But he has quite the smile on his face :) Hope he's healing okay!

  3. Poor guy.
    This is similar to what happened to my daughter. But they thought she would need surgery. But luckily they got it set right.
    Take care Dallas, hope you heal quickly. But remember girls like to take care of boys who are in need, so milk it ;)

  4. Thinking of you all. Kids do give us grey hairs.