Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So this afternoon was a little busy for me. Just hanging out waiting for Dallas to get home from school, I look up at my clock and notice he was already 5 minutes late. Yes, I am a little neurotic when it comes to my boys :o) Next couple of minutes and my phone rings, my neighbor up the street says Dallas is at her house and he had fallen off his skateboard, okay, can you come get him? I send Maverick up and then he calls, mom he can't walk bring the van, crap!
Urgent Care visit here we come...
It's a broken arm! 
Splint and sling until at least Friday and then a cast :o( I want to proudly announce that I have had boys for almost 17 years now and this is our first break :o) He's not happy but will be fine!



  1. oh no!!! poor boy..hope he heals fast! my son broke his foot in 2 places a couple of years ago..boys will be boys! lol

  2. Oh no, poor thing! Abie broke her arm last May, I know what you're going through :) You've had a great run!

  3. oh no, hope he feels better..will keep him in our thoughts and prayers..

  4. Wow, 17 yrs with no broken bones...and you have boys. That is amazing, lol.
    Hope he heals fast.
    Can I ask why so long before he gets his cast?

  5. So sorry for both of you. Out of 2 girls and 1 boy my son is the one who broke something--his collarbone. My youngest daughter was so active but always came out okay.

  6. My two girls never broke anything except occasionally a few hearts along the way as growing up :) I am very lucky Mom. But when they got broken hearts it was stressful for me. My son however had several stitches and as an adult broke his ankle while playing softball. Oh it was horrible to see him in such pain even then. Once a Mom as a Mom I say. Love Ya, Ma