Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Note from Caleb :o)

My Little Boy Loves Me!

So when Caleb went to bed last night, he got up and turned his light on. Then he was writing on his white board so I asked him what he was doing...I'm writing you a note so don't look, he says. Okay, I'll read it in the morning :o) When he was done he went to bed.
This morning I went into his room to make sure he did what was needed before school and read the note. Melted my heart! I took this picture of it so I will always have it and then he erased it and said I should write him back, so I did :o)

 It reads...
You are the best mom ever.And because you help me when I get sick. And when I get hurt. And you also get me good papers for my cards. And also give me good ideas. And thank you for letting me do some fine arts. I love you so much mom
(fine arts is a before school program once a week he is in for PE)
Mine read...
Caleb, Thank you very much for my note! I loved it! I'm glad you think I am the best because I think you are the best too! I love that you like doing crafts with me and are having fun making cards and videos! I hope you had a super fun day at school :o)

I have had a really good day and it all started with this little note :o)



  1. awwwwwww how sweet!!! i know how that feels as a mom to get a sweet of my sons writes me notes on my memo pad on the fridge here and there. I always rip them off and save them! :)

  2. Awww my heart just melted.
    He is such a sweet boy, and you are a great mom.
    I love when my girls leave me notes :)

  3. Made me tear up. He is a special little boy and you are a special Mom.

  4. This is so sweet! What an awesome thing from him :) love that you took a picture of it!