Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well...another Urgent Care visit down. This time it was Ty. He was outside playing around with the neighbor kids when he got whacked with a homemade sword thing? It was constructed out of some kind of wood I guess and when the kid took it from him he swung around and accidentally got Ty right in the face. You can imagine the panic when we saw all of the blood and Ty holding on to his face. Not to mention the way Caleb was screaming "OH My God!" as they entered our garage to come inside the house. The shaking in my body started immediately and as Jeremy kept checking his face, after applying paper towels and pressure, he says "you need to take him in there is a hole" YUCK! Straight to urgent care we went. Once there they took him back right  away and started fixing him up. The worst part was the numbing shots before the stitches and we discovered that it went all the way through and tore the inside of his mouth also, really gross. Not too bad now, two stitches inside and two outside. We go back on Wednesday to get the outside ones removed and he should be good to go. I think I am done now, talk about stress and a much needed recovery process for me :o)

Hope you all have an "accident" free weekend, I'm going to try not to :o)


  1. Ouch!! Sounds like you better keep them in a bubble over the weekend!! Hope they both feel 100% again soon. :)

  2. OMG! Thinking of you Dallas & Ty.
    Love, Grandma

  3. Your kids are on a roll. At least they are outside enjoying life. They will be tougher but your nerves will take a beating.

  4. Well boys will be boys right?...:)..glad to hear he will be ok..:)

  5. It took me a minute to see the wound, but once I did I said yuck too! Glad he's okay!

  6. When I saw the photo I thought did Ty get a piercing!!!!
    I am sure it will heal up nicely. But wow, it went right through, ouch.